Welcome to Bee Mountain Coffee Co.

The Samuelses - proud owners of Bee Mountain Coffee co.

The Samuelses - proud owners of the Bee Mountain Coffee Company
From left (Alicia, Alec, Taylor, Dale)


Hi there! 👋🏾 welcome to our blog. We are the Samuelses, the proud owners of a black family business, the Bee Mountain coffee company.

Who are we? A little about us; we are Jamaicans, except for Alec, he's technically Canadian by birth. And we moved to Canada back in 2020. Growing up in the islands most people enjoy drinking a cup of coffee (or tea) in the mornings as ritual to demark the beginning of their day. I (Dale) am a ritualistic coffee drinker, I absolutely cannot start my day until some good coffee is in my cup; the wonderful aroma fills my lungs and those beautiful notes are tingling my tastebuds. More than anything else, I really enjoy drinking 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee - and so do many Canadians! 

Why did we start a coffee company? Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the rarest and most flavourful coffees in the world. Living in Jamaica, this is easy to find - however upon moving to Canada, we quickly learned this was not the case here. We ordered several batches on the internet and they either came stale, blended or was completely fake. Entirely fed up with these difficulties, we thought, why not roast our own coffee? What was a wild dream - with a little bit of research and some awesome partnerships - over a several months turned into coffee roasting reality. Bee Mountain Coffee co was born.