About Bee Mountain Coffee

Bee Mountain coffee company is a small family-owned business, focused on bringing our customers the finest, authentic origin coffees from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and around the world.

Our coffees are fair-trade and ethically sourced; our partners are rainforest certified and/or possess other certifications for ecologically friendly processing. We are conscious about our environment and this is why in our first year of profitability (and going forward) we are committed to sharing parts of our proceeds to charities focused on environmental improvement projects.

We also want you, our customers to be a part of this journey, feeling comfortable knowing your flavourful and beautiful morning cup is helping to fairly pay small farmers and improving the environment!

Growing up in Jamaica, there's a daily ritual of waking each morning to the sweet aroma of a steamy hot beverage flowing through our house - for some people tea, but for most, Kauffee! (That's older Jamaican speak for Coffee). Jamaicans know coffee like no other, its a defining characteristic of our culture, a part of our heritage! Moving to Canada and finding it difficult to acquire freshly roasted Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, we decided to do ourselves and all coffee-loving Canadians the favour of starting our very own coffee business and sharing some of the world’s finest and most flavourful coffee with Canada.

We are committed to bringing you only freshly roasted, premium, beautiful coffee all day every single day - that will take you away to the islands every morning!

Welcome to the Bee Mountain family!